Welcome to Unlock Samsung Online, Fast, Safe and Instant Unlock by cable.

The Samsung Remote Server is a professional unlock and repair service for Samsung devices. We started back in 2006 and at present day we already unlocked over 1.3 million devices. Our solution is different than the other Samsung unlock services you find on the net, we don't let you wait days for your unlockcode, but we provide INSTANT unlock by cable.
To start unlocking you can click the 'Select your Samsung' button, this will provide you a small guide. But we developed the software special for you, the End-user, so you can also directly 'Buy an Account'

SRS is supporting all the latest models, all providers (world-wide) and the unlock solution is INSTANT.
Unlocking is completely safe, and requires in most cases on an usb data-cable and a computer running Windows.

Because we believe in our service, we can guarantee if unlocking a supported model does not work for you just contact us, we give you support by email, or remote support by teamviewer, if both fail you will get a 100% Refund!

So stop waisting your time on 'unlock by code' and start INSTANT unlock by SRS!

Why Unlock your phone

  • Eliminate roaming fees
  • Increase resale value of your phone
  • Save money by using cheaper telecom providers
  • Being able to use dual sim adapters
  • Increase your service area

SRS Features:
  • Direct Unlock (Also EFSv2)
  • Read Unlock codes
  • Repair Phone Freeze
  • Remove RegionLocks
  • Usercode Reset
  • MSL Repair
  • 24/7 Realtime Unlocking
Last Unlocked:
  • Samsung S7560M (03-06 19:08)
  • Samsung S6310N (03-06 18:54)
  • Samsung M2510 (03-06 18:37)
  • Samsung I9100 (03-06 17:07)
  • Samsung I9300 (03-06 16:42)
  • Samsung S5830i (03-06 16:39)
  • Samsung I9100 (03-06 16:28)
  • Samsung T999 (03-06 16:26)

Some popular models unlocked over the SRS Unlock Server:

Unlock Samsung M2510
Unlock Samsung I9300
Unlock Samsung S7560M
Unlock Samsung I9505
Unlock Samsung I747M
Unlock Samsung SM-G386T
Unlock Samsung SM-G900F
Unlock Samsung S7560
Unlock Samsung M919V
Unlock Samsung I9100
Unlock Samsung T999
Unlock Samsung T999V
Unlock Samsung S5830i
Unlock Samsung M919
Unlock Samsung S6810P
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