Samsung Log to Code Service v0.1

Step 1: Instructions

First check HERE if your model and firmware are supported.
There are 2 different chipsets Exynos and Qualcomm in the supported model list you see the platform of
your phone, now make sure to download the correct Log Reader for your platform here below.

Exynos >> Click here to download the Samsung Exynos Log Reader
Qualcomm >> Click here to download the Samsung Qualcomm Log Reader

now unpack the downloaded zip file and start the program, follow the instructions on screen, after the program finished it created a .LOG file int he LOG directrory you need to upload this log file here below, and fill in your SRS Username and Password, now press "Submit and Calculate" to get your Unlockcodes.

Info: you can try to read out the logfile before buying an actual SRS Unlock account
at or

Step 2: Upload your logfile, and fill in your SRS Credentials