Samsung Unlock Guide

Step 2 - Check the available services for your Samsung B7610
We have the follow options available for your selected model:

- Platform: OMAP2
  • Reset usercode by cable
  • Repair phone freeze
  • Direct unlock
  • Read Codes
  • Repair IMEI (needs 6 credits)

  • Unlock via Original USB Cable

  • S7392 Unlock Instructions:

    1. Buy an account and install the software
    2: On your phone go to Menu > Applications > Development and switch on USB DEBUGGING
    3. Connect the phone to the computer (install required drivers)
    4. Press rescan in the Samsung Remote Unlock software
    5. Press Direct Unlock to remove the simlock

    Remark: Your phone need to be rooted, Rootkits are available under SRS Download in the software.

    Hard Locked Phones
    Some providers are hard-locking your phone (Telcel, and some Rogers)
    If you put in a new simcard, and power on the phone then check if there is an option to enter the network unlock code, in case there is only a dismiss button like the image below your phone is hardlocked. In that case unlock is only possible if you update your phone with an unbranded firmware.

    hardlocked phone
    Unlock Price:
    € 19,99

    Samsung B7610

    Is the option you want to use available for your Samsung B7610?
    If yes please continue to the next step: Step 3 - Buy an account for the SRS Server

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