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Some (not professional) antivirus scanners detect our software as virus, this is because we use advanced encryption methods for protection, and the virus scanner is not able to understand this. The software on this page is scanned on daily basis, and is 100% free of malware and viruses, you can also use the online virus scanner of "Virus Total here"

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E1088C E1100 E1100C E1100F E1100H E1100T E1101C E1105 E1105F E1105T E1107 E1110 E1110c E1112 E1117 E1120 E1120C E1125 E1125W E1130 E1130B E1150 E1150C E1150i E1153 E1153i E1155L E116 E1160 E1170 E1170i E1170T E1172 E1175T E1180 E1182 E1182L E1186i E1186W E1190 E1195 E1195L E1200 E1200i E1200L E1200m E1200R E1200Y E1202L E1205L E1205T E1205Y E1207T E1207Y E1210 E1210M E1210S E1215 E1215F E1220 E1220T E1225 E1230 E1230G E1230T E1232 E1232B E1232L E1252 E1263 E1270 E1272 E1280 E1282T E1310 E1310B E1310C E1360 E1360B E1360C E1360M E1360S E1390 E1410 E200 E200B E208 E208B E210 E2100 E2100B E2100L E2120 E2120L E2121 E2121B E2121L E2130 E2130B E215 E2152 E215L E217 E218 E2200 E2202 E2210 E2210B E2210C E2210H E2210L E2210T E2220 E230 E230L E236 E2370 E250 E250D E250i E250L E250V E250W E251 E2510 E2510 E2510C E251C E2550 E2550D E2550L E256 E258 E258d E260 E300 E300F E305 E308 E310 E310C E310F E315 E316 E317 E318 E320 E3210 E330 E330N E335 E338 E340 E340e E348 E350 E350E E351 E351L E356 E358 E360 E370 E376 E378 E380 E388 E390 E398 E400 E418 E420 E428 E470 E478 E480 E488 E490 E496 E498 E500 E508 E530 E530C E560 E568 E570 E570L E570V E576 E578 E590 E598 E600 E600C E600F E608 E610 E618 E620 E628 E630 E635 E638 E640 E648 E650 E670 E690 E698 E700 E708 E710 E710F E715 E720 E720C E720I E720S E728 E730 E736 E740 E746 E747 E748 E750 E758 E760 E768 E770 E778 E780 E786 E788 E790 E800 E808 E810 E810C E810F E818 E820 E828 E830 E838 E840 E840B E848 E850 E860 E860V E870 E878 E880 E888 E888F E890 E898 E900 E906 E908 E910 E918 E950 E958 F110 F118 F150 F158 F200 F208 F210 F210L F218 F250 F250L F256 F258 F260 F265 F266 F268 F270 F270i F270L F275L F278 F278i F300 F300B F308 F330 F338 F400 F400g F406 F480 F480G F480H F480I F480L F480T F480v F488E F488I F490 F490g F490v F520 F700 F700v G400f G508 G600 G600L G608 G610 G618 G800 G800L G808 G808E G810 G818E GC100 I257 I257M I257V I300 I308 I310 I317 I317M I320 I321N I326N I337 I337M I337Z I400 I407 I408 I437 I437P I437Z I450 I455L I458 I458B I467 I467M I497 I500 I505 I520 I527 I537 I547C I550 I5500 I5500B I5500L I5500M I5503 I5503B I5503T I5508 I550w I5510 I5510L I5510M I5510T I560 I568 I5700 I5700E I5700L I577 I5800 I5800L I5801 I600 I601 I607 I608 I616 I617 I620 I6210 I6220 I6220b I6230 I628 I637 I640 I640v I6410 I6500 I667 I6712 I688 I700 I710 I7110 I717 I717D I717M I717R I718 I720 I727 I727R I728 I730i I7410 I747 I747M I747U I750 I7500 I7500L I7500u I757M I777 I780 I788 I8000 I8000L I8150 I8150B I8150T I8160 I8160L I8160P I8190 I8190L I8190N I8190T I8200 I8200L I8200N I8200Q I8260 I8260E I8260L I8262 I8262B I8262D I827 I8320 I8330 I8350 I847 I8510 I8520 I8530 I8552 I857 I858 I8580 I8700 I8730 I8730T I8910 I896 I897 I900 I9000 I9000M I9000T I9001 I9003 I9003L I9008 I9010 I9020 I9020A I9023 I9060 I9060C I9060i I9060L I9060M I9070 I9070P I908 I9080 I9080E I9080L I9082 I9082L I9088 I9100 I9100G I9100M I9100P I9100T I9103 I9105 I9105P I9108 I9128 I9128E I9128I I9128V I9150 I9152 I9152P I9158 I9158V I917 I917R I9188 I9190 I9192 I9192i I9192-ns1 I9195 I9195H I9195I I9195L I9195T I9195X I9195Y I9197 I9198 I9200 I9205 I9208 I9210 I9210T I9230 I9235 I9250 I9250M I927 I9295 I9300 I9300i I9300P I9300T I9301i I9301Q I9305 I9305N I9305T I9308 I9500 I9502 I9505 I9505G I9505X I9506 I9507 I9507V I9508 I9508V I9515 I9515L I957 I957D I957M I957R I960 I987 I997 I997R J150 J158 J160 J165L J200 J208 J210 J218 J400 J408 J600 J600e J600G J600s J600v J608 J610 J618 J630 J700 J700G J700I J700L J700V J706 J708 J708C J708I J750 J758 J770 J778 J800 J800R J808 J808E L170 L170v L200 L250 L258 L288 L310 L318 L320 L328 L400v L600 L608 L700 L706 L708 L708E L750 L758 L760 L760g L766 L768 L768v L770 L770v L780 L810 L810v L811 L870 M100 M100B M110 M120 M128 M130 M130L M130V M1360 M140 M140L M150 M158 M200 M208 M2310 M2510 M2513 M2520 M2710 M2710C M300 M300b M300g M300N M300v M308 M310 M318 M3200 M320L M3310 M3310C M3318 M3318C M3510 M3510C M3510L M3710 M600 M608 M610 M618 M620 M628 M7500 M7600 M7603 M819 M819N M8800 M8800b M8800c M8800L M8800N M919 M919N M919V N5100 N5120 N700 N7000 N7000B N7005 N707 N710 N7100 N7100T N7105 N7105T N7108D N8000 N8005 N8020 Old-Phones P100 P1000 P1000L P107 P108 P110 P180 P200 P207 P220 P240 P250 P258 P260 P270 P300 P308 P310 P3100 P3105 P3105T P3110 P318 P400 P408 P510 P5100 P5110 P520 P5200 P528 P6200 P6201 P6800 P705 P710 P7100 P717 P720 P730 P7300 P7300B P7300C P730C P7320 P7320T P735 P737 P738 P7500 P7500M P7500R P7501 P777 P780 P788 P850 P858 P900 P906 P908 P910 P920 P960 Q100 Q105 Q200 Q208 Q300 Q400 Q605 S100 S105 S108 S200 S205 S208 S300 S300M S3030 S305 S3060 S307 S308 S308M S3100 S3100C S3110 S3370 S3370B S3370L S3370N S3370Y S341i S342i S3500 S3500I S3501C S3550 S3570 S3600 S3600C S3600H S3600I S3600I S3600L S3601 S3650 S3653 S366 S3850 S3853 S3870 S400i S401i S410i S500 S500i S501i S5050 S5050C S508 S5150 S5200 S5200C S5220 S5230 S5230G S5230w S5233 S5233A S5233S S5233T S5250 S5253 S5260 S5260p S5263 S5280 S5282 S5300 S5300B S5300C S5300L S5301 S5301B S5301L S5302 S5302B S5303 S5303B S5310 S5310C S5310E S5310G S5310i S5310L S5310M S5310N S5312 S5312B S5312C S5312L S5312M S5330 S5333 S5350 S5350M S5360 S5360B S5360L S5360T S5363 S5367 S5369 S5510 S5510M S5511 S5511T S5520 S5530 S5530B S5530C S5550 S5560e S5560i S5570 S5570B S5570D S5570i S5570L S5578 S5600 S5600L S5603 S5608 S5608u S5620 S5660 S5660B S5660M S5670 S5670B S5670D S5670L S5690 S5690B S5690L S5690M S5690R S5750 S5750E S5753E S5780 S5830 S5830B S5830C S5830D S5830i S5830K S5830L S5830M S5830T S5830V S5831i S5838 S5839i S6010 S6010L S6010W S6012 S6102 S6102B S6102E S6108 S6310 S6310D S6310L S6310N S6310T S6312 S6313 S6313T S6352 S6500 S6500D S6500L S6500T S6700 S6700T S6703 S6790 S6790E S6790L S6790N S6792L S6800 S6802 S6802B S6810 S6810B S6810E S6810L S6810M S6810P S6812 S6888 S7070 S710I S7200 S720i S7220 S7230 S7230e S7270 S7270L S7272 S7272C S7275B S7275L S7275R S7275T S7275Y S730G S730i S730M S7330 S7350 S7350c S7350e S7350f S7350i S738 S7390 S7390E S7390G S7390L S7392 S7392L S7500 S7500L S7500T S7500W S7508 S7520 S7560 S7560M S7562 S7562L S7566 S7568 S7580 S7580L S7582 S7582L S7583T S7600 S7710 S7710L S8000 S8003 S8300 S8300T S8300V S8500 S8500M S8530 S9402 S9500 S959G SC01B SC01C SC01D SC01E SC01F SC01G SC02B SC02C SC02D SC02E SC02F SC02G SC03D SC03E SC03G SC04D SC04E SC04F SC04G SC05D SC05G SC06D SCH-B239 Raaga SCH-B259 Superhero SCH-B279 vRage SCH-F679 MAX SCH-S259 Explore SCH-S269 ChampFM SCH-S299 vSwing SCH-S339 SCH-W720 SCH-W740 SCH-W750 SCH-W760 SCH-W770 SCH-W780 SCH-W850 SCH-W860 SCH-W880 SCH-W890 SCH-W900 SCH-W920 SCH-W930 SCH-W940 SHV-E210K SHV-E210L SHV-E210S SHV-E250K SHV-E250L SHV-E250S SHV-E300L SHV-E330K SHV-E330L SHV-E330L SHV-E330S SHV-E370K SHV-E400S SHV-E470S SHW-A130S SHW-A160S SHW-A180S SHW-A210S SHW-A220S SHW-A250S SHW-M110S SHW-M240S SHW-M250S SHW-M290S SHW-M380k SHW-M440S SHW-M460D SM-A3000 SM-A3009 SM-A300F SM-A300FU SM-A300G SM-A300H SM-A300M SM-A300XU SM-A300XZ SM-A300Y SM-A300YZ SM-A310F SM-A310FD SM-A310M SM-A310MD SM-A310N0 SM-A310Y SM-A5000 SM-A5009 SM-A500F SM-A500F1 SM-A500FQ SM-A500FU SM-A500G SM-A500H SM-A500HQ SM-A500K SM-A500L SM-A500M SM-A500S SM-A500W SM-A500X SM-A500XZ SM-A500Y SM-A500YZ SM-A5100 SM-A5108 SM-A510F SM-A510FD SM-A510K SM-A510L SM-A510M SM-A510MD SM-A510S SM-A510Y SM-A7000 SM-A700FD SM-A700FQ SM-A700FZ SM-A700H SM-A700K SM-A700L SM-A700M SM-A700S SM-A700YD SM-A700YZ SM-A7100 SM-A7108 SM-A710F SM-A710FD SM-A710K SM-A710L SM-A710M SM-A710S SM-A710Y SM-A8000 SM-A800F SM-A800I SM-A800IZ SM-A800S SM-A800YZ SM-A9000 SM-B310E SM-C105 SM-E500F SM-E500H SM-E500M SM-E7000 SM-E700F SM-E700H SM-E700M SM-G110B SM-G110H SM-G110M SM-G130E SM-G130H SM-G130HN SM-G130M SM-G130U SM-G150N0 SM-G150NK SM-G150NL SM-G150NS SM-G155S SM-G310HN SM-G3139D SM-G313H SM-G313HN SM-G313HU SM-G313HY SM-G313HZ SM-G313M SM-G313ML SM-G313MY SM-G313U SM-G316HU SM-G316M SM-G316ML SM-G316U SM-G318H SM-G318HZ SM-G318ML SM-G318MZ SM-G350 SM-G3502C SM-G3502I SM-G3502L SM-G3502T SM-G3508J SM-G3509I SM-G350E SM-G350L SM-G350M SM-G355H SM-G355HN SM-G355HN SM-G355HQ SM-G355M SM-G357FZ SM-G3586V SM-G3588V SM-G3606 SM-G3608 SM-G360AZ SM-G360BT SM-G360F SM-G360FY SM-G360G SM-G360GY SM-G360H SM-G360HU SM-G360M SM-G360P SM-G361F SM-G361H SM-G361HU SM-G3815 SM-G386T SM-G386T1 SM-G386W SM-G388F SM-G389F SM-G390F SM-G390W SM-G390Y SM-G5108Q SM-G5306W SM-G5308W SM-G530A SM-G530AZ SM-G530BT SM-G530F SM-G530FZ SM-G530H SM-G530M SM-G530MU SM-G530P SM-G530W SM-G530Y SM-G531F SM-G531H SM-G531M SM-G531Y SM-G537FZ SM-G537HZ SM-G5500 SM-G550F SM-G550FY SM-G570Y SM-G600FY SM-G7102 SM-G7102T SM-G7105 SM-G7105H SM-G7105L SM-G7106 SM-G7108 SM-G7108V SM-G710K SM-G710L SM-G710S SM-G7200 SM-G7202 SM-G720AX SM-G720N0 SM-G730A SM-G730M SM-G730W8 SM-G7508Q SM-G750H SM-G800A SM-G800H SM-G800HQ SM-G8508 SM-G8508S SM-G850A SM-G850F SM-G850K SM-G850L SM-G850S SM-G850W SM-G860P SM-G870A SM-G870D SM-G870F SM-G870W SM-G890A SM-G9006V SM-G9006W SM-G9008V SM-G9008W SM-G900A SM-G900AZ SM-G900F SM-G900FD SM-G900FQ SM-G900H SM-G900I SM-G900K SM-G900L SM-G900M SM-G900MD SM-G900P SM-G900S SM-G900T SM-G900T1 SM-G900T3 SM-G900V SM-G900W8 SM-G901F SM-G903F SM-G903M SM-G903W SM-G906K SM-G906L SM-G906S SM-G910S SM-G9200 SM-G9208 SM-G9209 SM-G920A SM-G920AZ SM-G920F SM-G920FD SM-G920FQ SM-G920I SM-G920K SM-G920L SM-G920P SM-G920S SM-G920T SM-G920T SM-G920T1 SM-G920W8 SM-G9250 SM-G925A SM-G925F SM-G925FQ SM-G925I SM-G925K SM-G925L SM-G925P SM-G925S SM-G925T SM-G925W8 SM-G9280 SM-G9287 SM-G9287C SM-G928A SM-G928C SM-G928F SM-G928G SM-G928I SM-G928K SM-G928L SM-G928N0 SM-G928S SM-G928T SM-G928W8 SM-G930F SM-G930FD SM-G930K SM-G930L SM-G930S SM-G930W8 SM-G930X SM-G935F SM-G935FD SM-G935K SM-G935L SM-G935S SM-G935W8 SM-G950F SM-G950FD SM-G950N SM-G955F SM-G955FD SM-G955N SM-J100F SM-J100FN SM-J100G SM-J100H SM-J100M SM-J100ML SM-J100MU SM-J100Y SM-J105B SM-J105F SM-J105H SM-J110F SM-J110G SM-J110H SM-J110L SM-J110M SM-J111F SM-J111M SM-J120F SM-J120G SM-J120G SM-J120H SM-J120M SM-J120W SM-J120ZN SM-J200BT SM-J200F SM-J200G SM-J200GU SM-J200H SM-J200M SM-J200Y SM-J2109 SM-J210F SM-J320F SM-J320FN SM-J320G SM-J320H SM-J320M SM-J320MU SM-J320P SM-J320W8 SM-J320ZN SM-J330F SM-J330FN SM-J330G SM-J5007 SM-J5008 SM-J500F SM-J500FN SM-J500G SM-J500H SM-J500M SM-J7008 SM-J700F SM-J700H SM-J700M SM-J710GN SM-J710K SM-J710MN SM-N7502 SM-N7506V SM-N7508V SM-N750K SM-N750L SM-N750S SM-N900 SM-N9002 SM-N9005 SM-N9006 SM-N9007 SM-N9008 SM-N9008S SM-N9008V SM-N9009 SM-N900A SM-N900D SM-N900K SM-N900L SM-N900P SM-N900S SM-N900T SM-N900U SM-N900V SM-N900W8 SM-N910 SM-N9100 SM-N9108V SM-N910A SM-N910F SM-N910FD SM-N910FQ SM-N910G SM-N910K SM-N910L SM-N910P SM-N910S SM-N910W8 SM-N9150 SM-N915A SM-N915F SM-N915FY SM-N915G SM-N915P SM-N915T SM-N915V SM-N915W8 SM-N916K SM-N916L SM-N916S SM-N9208 SM-N920A SM-N920C SM-N920CD SM-N920F SM-N920I SM-N920K SM-N920L SM-N920P SM-N920S SM-N920T SM-N920W8 SM-N930F SM-N930K SM-N930L SM-N930S SM-N935F SM-N935K SM-N935L SM-N935S SM-N950F SM-N950FD SM-N950N SM-P355M SM-P555 SM-P605 SM-P605L SM-P605M SM-P605S SM-P607T SM-P905 SM-P905F0 SM-P905M SM-P905V SM-P907A SM-P907T SM-R750 SM-R750A SM-R750D SM-R750J SM-R750T SM-R750W SM-T113 SM-T113NU SM-T116 SM-T116BU SM-T116NQ SM-T116NU SM-T116NY SM-T211 SM-T215 SM-T217A SM-T217S SM-T217T SM-T237P SM-T239 SM-T255S SM-T311 SM-T315 SM-T321 SM-T321A SM-T325 SM-T330 SM-T331 SM-T331C SM-T332 SM-T335 SM-T335L SM-T337A SM-T337P SM-T337T SM-T355 SM-T357T SM-T357W SM-T365 SM-T375L SM-T375S SM-T377A SM-T377W SM-T3777 SM-T525 SM-T531 SM-T532 SM-T533 SM-T535 SM-T537A SM-T555 SM-T560 SM-T561 SM-T561M SM-T677 SM-T677NL SM-T705C SM-T715 SM-T715C SM-T715N0 SM-T715Y SM-T805C SM-T807P SM-T815 SM-T815C SM-T815N0 SM-T815Y SM-T817 SM-T817P SM-T817P SM-T817W SM-T905 SM-Z200F SM-Z200M SM-Z200Y Softbank 403SC SPH-L520 SPH-L600 SPH-L900 T101 T101G T109 T119 T139 T155G T201 T209 T219 T219S T229 T239 T249 T249R T259 T309 T319 T329 T339 T349 T356 T359 T369 T369R T379 T409 T411 T419 T429 T439 T456 T459 T469 T469v T469W T479 T479B T479U T499 T499V T499Y T509 T519 T519N T539 T559 T559N T566 T589 T589R T589W T599 T599N T599V T609 T619 T629 T636 T639 T649 T659 T669 T669B T669C T669V T669Y T679 T679m T699 T709 T719 T729 T739 T746 T746W T749 T757 T759 T769 T779 T809 T819 T839 T849 T859 T869 T879 T889 T889V T919 T929 T939 T959 T959D T959P T959U T959V T969 T969V T989 T989D T999 T999L T999V U100 U106 U108 U300 U306 U308 U500 U600 U600B U600G U608 U608B U700 U700b U700v U708 U708E U800 U800E U800f U800g U808E U900 U900L U900u U900v U908E V100 V108 V200 V200C V205 V206 V208 V800 V804 V920 VE888 X100 X105 X108 X120 X130 X138 X140 X150 X156 X158 X160 X160B X160L X166 X168 X168B X200 X208 X210 X218 X300 X308 X400 X408 X426 X426M X427 X427M X430 X438 X450 X458 X460 X461 X466 X467 X468 X475 X478 X480 X480C X481 X486 X488 X490 X495 X496 X497 X500 X506 X508 X510 X518 X520 X526 X528 X530 X540 X550 X566 X568 X576 X600 X610 X620 X630 X636 X638 X640 X648 X650 X658 X660 X660V X667 X668 X670 X678 X680 X680N X680V X686 X688 X690 X698 X700 X708 X710 X770 X800 X808 X810 X818 X820 X828 X830 X830N X836 X838 X840 X848 X900 X908 Y3100 Z100 Z104 Z104v Z105 Z105T Z105U Z107 Z107M Z107V Z110 Z130 Z130X Z140 Z140v Z150 Z160 Z170 Z220 Z230 Z240 Z240E Z300 Z300M Z310 Z320I Z360 Z370 Z400 Z500 Z500V Z510 Z540 Z540V Z548 Z560 Z600 Z620 Z630 Z650i Z700 Z710 Z720 Z810 ZM60 ZV10 ZV30 ZV40 ZV50 ZV60 ZX10 EXYNOS